A Movement Designed to Fail

Why was the 1960’s civil rights movement a failure?

Black people in America were protesting, marching and sitting in and doing some more protesting, marching and more sitting in for peaceful integration and “Civil rights”.

“The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.”

So after turning cheeks and getting slapped and turning other cheeks and getting slapped again while marching some more..They would get beat up here and there and then march some more. Water hoses, Billy-clubs and German police dogs were familiar during the 1960-1970’s civil rights struggle as well as the sense of justice , accomplishment and success once integration became realized. Yet I fear like Dr. King that “we have integrated into a burning house..”

“We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know that we will win. But I’ve come to believe we’re integrating into a burning house.

I’m afraid that America may be losing what moral vision she may have had …. And I’m afraid that even as we integrate, we are walking into a place that does not understand that this nation needs to be deeply concerned with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Until we commit ourselves to ensuring that the underclass is given justice and opportunity, we will continue to perpetuate the anger and violence that tears at the soul of this nation.”

Whites only counters, colored only drinking fountains, segregated department stores, overtly racist laws, etc..…of course America needed civil rights as the world did. During this era, freedom was ringing the ears of resistance from Algiers to the Congo to South America to Southeast Asia. Global humanity was calling for equality and corporate accountability.

The non violent movement was met with federal government intervention, support and direction while this same government used violence and terror to eradicate many other civil rights movements of the day.

Non violence can only be an effective weapon of resistance if there is an economic threat involved to provide leverage and therefore instigate a potential shift in power. In the 1960‘s bus boycotts became this prerequisite economic threat for change.

This cry for freedom, equality and civil rights was pacified by the shiny illusions of integration and the systematic fantasy of freedom. Very similar methods of pacification can be found during the reconstruction era where grandiose ideas of equality and freedom were strategically dangled in order to galvanize the post civil war southern districts, stabilize government authority, disguise corporate agenda and control civil unrest.

Once the new world was back in order… the rights, positions and value of the free blacks who took government office in the South during the reconstruction era were cast aside. The concern over civil rights was suppressed for the next hundred years.

Whenever corporate capitalism is the foundation of society, imperialism soon follows. They remain hand in hand rationalizations that instigate global policing and foreign invasion. For the record, I understand communism as just being a more overt form of government control, so this isn’t a communist vs capitalist debate.

This irony brings to mind a few lines in one of my first poems:

“I am definitely not equal to that white man who can so viciously enslave another’s soul. I am definitely not equal to that black man who will ignorantly do the same for shiny gold”

Black people truly have struggled for their civil rights in this country. I wonder though, the right to do what? The right to be civil or to be a part of this American corporate machine?

To be civil means to be peaceful. Your independence and mere existence is a threat to this empire we face, so do not naively expect peace until this machine is destroyed.

The American corporations (cartels) that run this world have matured from industrial revolution newborns into global corporate conglomerates. The civil rights bill actually allowed corporations to extend their inalienable rights. This allows corporations to prosper like human citizens devoid of moral fiber, human integrity or concern. Equality amongst mankind was the illusion, better yet the sold dream.

Martin Luther King preached you would be “free at last” once your White babies and Black babies can sit at the round table together. MLK along with many pure of heart civil rights leaders of the 1800’s & 1900’s were great men and women of intention.

With all due respect to the great MLK, his genius was stunted by his shortsighted naivety. His “faith” poisoned the fruits of his labor like many other’s before and after him who rely too much on hope and faith and not enough on critical thinking and empirical data that should be used to confront the machine we face without apology nor compromise. Now his “post racial” dream is used to further keep Black and Brown people disillusioned about the grave reality we face.

Many Black people in particular say that they understand politics is “a game to keep the empire in place” but then once given a token Black face there suddenly emerges this “pride” and “HOPE” for systemic change in America.

America will be what it will be, no matter who is selected as its figurehead president. Regardless of what color the driver is, the driver of the slave bus doesnt stop the slave bus company. He may take a different route or play more soulful tunes to keep you calm and content but you will be moving in relatively the same direction until the bus itself is taking over and destroyed. Please try to look past complexion and see men and women for their actions, allegiance and loyalty. Many so called liberals and radicals who praise Dr. King at every turn do not fully digest his words.

The diabolical corporate American system and its inherent need to exploit was not properly evaluated by these great men & women who thought best to work within the system and wait for incremental change. Those who rely on reforming the heart, function and overall moral conscience of the American system keeps the potential for freedom on “spin cycle”. The racial divide was merely the smoke screen for a greater disempowerment. The right to be born free and healthy has been lost long ago.

The needs of the growing corporation conflict with the needs of the individual citizen. As corporations grow in power and necessity, humanity and nature are proportionately threatened. Corporate capitalistic prosperity cannot coexist with humanity and nature. We are embroiled in a much more complex fight today.

Society is pacified and distracted. Simply because we see a brown face in a White house or because all races can sit down at the imperialistic dinner table and equally destroy the world together equates to progress?…uh no..

The system needed a full change. A revolution was needed and remains needed today. Even “civil rights” in theory makes us all equal partners in American exploitation.

There hasnt been much real change in justice or the integration of morality in today’s governing system in the last 50 years. The fears are different, technologies are different and therefor the minds are different. Some things indeed have changed, but be truthful when determining what these things are. In many ways integration has led to many becoming more aware, tolerant and open minded. But much like participating in any “race”, when the race track is “fixed” at the starting line, it doesnt matter who is perceived as being equal.

This game is rigged at the top. We can see this on a global scale. Corporations are consistently polluting, controlling and exploiting our natural resources more today than ever before.
We are now experiencing the biggest tragedies ever known to man. Nuclear Apocalyptic oil spills, irreversible ecological damage from war via radioactive depleted uranium to just name a few. The biggest tragedies on this planet are not even commonly known in America..like the corporate contamination of agriculture which has endangered the biological future of our species. but we got “civil” rights though.

We gained the right to passively accept some bones thrown our way. We gained the right to sit down and shut the fuck up and watch some t.v. in color. We gained the right to slave at some exploitative company and voluntarily spend all your money on bills and accumulating more debt to then come home to be programmed by some brainwashing Hollywood movie and get lost in video games and artery clogging dinners. Boy have we progressed. I guess at least we are fighting less wars..uh..maybe not..Well at least we are losing less Black men and women to violence..uhh think again…well certainly we have less men going to prison or less getting killed by police…no and no, not by a long shot.

Simply because you can sit and eat at the same establishment that a white person can doesn’t equate to having equal basic human rights. You are born into a machine that divides and discriminates based on phenotype, class and culture.. just like the average white person! Just like the average Asian, Middle-Eastern or European. You have a serial number. Like any other product you came into a dock out of your mothers womb. The Doc-tor delivered you from the waters of her vaginal canal. Maritime law classified and registered you upon your arrival to this plantation. You have been reduced to a product upon your birth.

Yes we can now sit at that equal lunch counter and pay equally for our meal which equally goes to support our equally integrated armed forces that equally recruit soldiers and mercenaries around the world to equally spread terror and poison upon civil societies and natural environments around the world.

The Eyes on the Prize is what we are taught about the civil rights struggle. The prize is one of shiny imperialism and capitalism; a piece of the American pie. The prize was not simply integration but more like indoctrination. The superficial material world is the prize meanwhile the need to compete equally with whites for capitalistic success preoccupies Black America. This preoccupation hypnotizes many hues the world over.

Can you be just as ruthless and business savvy as your slave master’s offspring?

“Oh Im so proud my baby is going to Harvard, Yale, Howard, Morehouse to be a lawyer, a doctor or an engineer for some big time criminal corporation that exploits some other land. We raise our children to become cogs in this machine. We feed them back to the very same machine that enslaves us, as it grows stronger from each generation down to the very next using our creativity, our energy, our will, our vision and our love to enforce its stronghold over our existence.

These are the very same moral slots that the American system is reshaping your children to fit in.

The civil rights movement was a peaceful (smack both my cheeks) transition from the forced overt wrist shackles of capitalism and its Jim Crow culture into the covert mind shackles of the voluntary slave. The iron shackle was replaced by the plastic credit card.

With all this madness in the world today you should have already stopped and thought for a minute what your country is doing to the world.

So be proud you can fight for your machine now. Be proud you can sit side by side with its capitalizing creator. Be proud you can defend this corporation’s honor. The honor that invades in the name of freedom, pollutes in the name of progress, and brainwashes in the name of education. Be aware who you strive to be equal to.

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