The Racial Gambit: Divide & Conquer

Understand our common roots beyond the incomplete story Haley’s Roots decided to tell. There are many colorful stories within the Black experience. You are beyond color like blackness. For eons the world was solely populated by men and women with an endless range of genetic material, who migrated out of the continent now known as Africa. Melanin man was all that existed in the world for many millennia. Several highly evolved Civilizations in the land now known as Africa had risen and fallen and risen again long before there was even any human life in Europe. So we must be honest and acknowledge the origin and intent of racism and race classification (better known as white supremacist ideology trickling down the hierarchal racial pyramid). My usage of the word “Black” does not denote a color, but it alludes to a bloodline and a consciousness. Melanin provides a connection to your origins.

This melanin bloodline carries with it a consciousness potential as well as a cultural experience. The Heritage of the melanin man spans the globe. The colored nations of the world struggle against oppression, exploitation and poverty today as a direct result of European (16th-20th century) & Japanese ( 19th- 20th century) imperialism, exploitation and colonization. Northern hemisphere Europeanized culture systematically enslaves and exploits the Southern regions of the globe in the form of capitalism and imperialism in order to ensure its own destructive survival.

In this bizarre ethno-cultural global machine colonizing nations are seen as benevolent liberators, charitable missionaries, brave peacemakers and freedom bringers who “defend democracy” in a world where might is right. The” third world” was created out of the European’s barbaric invasion, which led to slavery to colonization to modern exploitation and then to feel good words like “free trade”. The global color caste system parallels the disproportionate distribution of wealth which capitalism organically produces.

Understand the chess game and its color coded strategy. Sub-Sahara Africa pays $25,000 a minute to European creditors every day. The poorest countries in the world systematically have the richest natural resources in the world. These “third world” countries are being pimped by big corporations and are still forced to pay back unjust debts to exploitative colonial powers and the blood sucking IMF/World bank. This vicious cycle of debt slavery is used to keep the rich getting richer and keep the poorer getting poorer. We see this on the grand global scale between nations as well as within society where the vast disproportionate amount of wealth and resources between classes is prevalent in all major cities around the world. Our Capitalistic system creates poverty. The capitalistic machine we are supporting thrives off of the creation of poverty and destabilization of Southern Hemisphere countries.

White supremacy continues to be at the foundation of our global society and as our global society becomes more complex, intricate and veiled, so do the techniques of divide & conquer become much more advanced throughout the world.

Defining race and its hierarchy has allowed the global masses to accept the atrocities of the “explorers” (invaders-pirates -slave holding corporations) as just part of an innocent history since slavery was deemed legal at this time period in European’s barbaric history. We are taught to view this atrocity as merely a history lesson from “our” past civilization’s innocent immaturity. This is so very far from the truth. Ethics, morality, just law and aspects of slavery were all practiced for thousands upon thousands of years on this planet prior to Europe’s commercialized system of targeting “races” for slave trafficking. The association between slavery and the “darker races” is a very recent construct as well as a strategic marketing tool.

An old African proverb so wisely states, “Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter”

There were many white slaves owned by Black masters throughout history even up throughout the 18th century. This was such a frequent occurrence that laws had to be passed in American states (i.e Louisiana) which outlawed “Coloreds” owning Whites. There were several well known African Emperors of Rome and African popes which served and expanded this devilish Empire from its very beginning. Oh now you want to celebrate them because they looked like “Black folk”. You have been brainwashed and trained to celebrate and honor your own oppression, exploitation and spiritual destruction. The race game and its ideological ramifications changed the practice of slavery, colonialism, imperialism and even the motivation for war, but most of all it became a tool for massive psychological warfare. The minds of millions were enslaved and forced to accept the plight of “hopeless wretch”.

Harriet Tubman describes this when she states,“ I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves”.

Comfortable agony snatches the courage of those who are content in “Massah’s” house.

The race game was not only set in place to shackle, stunt and reduce the mind of the “colored” (All non White looking men/women were referred to as “colored” upon America’s first 300 yrs) into subhuman property, but this calculating form of forced propaganda also classified the races in order to brainwash and separate the proletariat whites from the working class “colored”, thus effectively producing a crab-in-a-barrel mentality whereby violence, hatred and envy brewed heavily between the “races” at Americas start to finish.

The hierarchical division of racial features and skin pigmentation served as the perfect proletariat class divide. Slavery in America was modeled after the old English feudal system. The collapsing European monarchs and feuding aristocracy were facing massive starvation and disease prior to the slave trade. From the dark ages to the crusades Europe remained in chaos with glimpses of enlightenment and advancement brought about only by the Moorish conquest and Islamic exposure. 14th century Europe lost 1/3 of its population from just the Bubonic plague (Black Death) alone. Syphilis, Tuberculosis, famine and civil war infested Europe during the 15th century. The European of the 14th-19th century unknowingly monopolized germ warfare. The British Empire, weakened from wars in France and civil strife, grew desperately in competition with the Spanish crown (which Spain inherited from its rich Moorish origins). America was designed as a corporate state of the Empire. The British Empire. The center of our financial DISTRICT is in the Empire city. Gotham City. There is no secret that several “founders” of these incorporated United States known today as America, were former military generals for the British Empire. Modern slavery’s creation of the race was strategically invented to prevent any of the peasant class uprisings of the British-Roman Feudal system period to ever occur in the “New World”.

Strategic indoctrination techniques were imposed onto both “Black” & “White” communities by the ruling families of this Empire in order to instill white superiority within the social fabric of this nation and every colonized nation around the world. The biggest fear that this tyrannical Empire has is that all of the exploited 80-85% serfdom (mostly non white southern hemisphere nations) will someday unite and topple the mega rich corporate partners who work together as a coherently oppressive capitalistic machine. This ruling class has used ideological and sociological indoctrination through various forms of manipulation in media, education, history, science, politics as well as bloodline to ensure racial divisions remain embedded in American culture as well as global culture.

America is an example of diabolical social engineering being shaped by lustful capitalism. The Savagery and barbaric callousness which accompanied the bravado of the European “colonizer” has naturally created a society full of rage, competition, fear and inequality. Even the façade of America being a free republic has slowly morphed into its acceptance as a capitalistic aristocracy which is a splitting image of Nazi’s (National Socialist) also coined Fascism or Corporatism.

It makes one wonder why America rescued so many German scientists who were later given clemency after WWII. How did all those big chemical companies and bankers find their way relocated and renamed safely in America (like Bayer & Union Banking). I guess America was the logical choice to save the Germans with its shared traditions of eugenics and systematic racism. Germanic philosophy, language and holiday pervade British and American culture at both their roots like a grandson would logically carry the seeds of his grandfather. Those burning KKK flags, Planned Parenthood clinics and all the diamond pushing Jewish bankers in “Holly” wood seem all so very coincidental. The days of the week, the origin of the English language and even the word “God” itself is Germanic in its origin.

Race is a smokescreen to conceal what even Hitler understood to be true: If everyone in the world made love then the blond haired blue-eyed white race, as we know it, would seize to exist. Let that marinate for a while before you react to the racial chess game.

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