Kony 2012: A green light for Imperialism

The complex issues in Africa go well beyond this propaganda piece though. What government dictatorship is he fighting against and who has placed them in power and for what purpose and price?

AFRICOM was created to be the political “boots on the ground” to serve NATO influence (U.S imperialism) and Hollywood propaganda like this Kony 2012 I & II film is now used to validate physical “boots on the ground”

Kony has indeed perpetrated violence in his day. Yet his crimes dont compare at all to the blood thirsty timeline of the U.S military nor the current U.S backed dictator currently in power in Uganda, so its funny to me when white folks or any other self professed group feel like playing savior in somebody else’s country but dont confront the higher ranking criminals and atrocities in their own country nor research the facts in the case.

What is really happening is that a new age scramble for Africa is occurring. A military “liberation” intervention is being rationalized much like what was seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and many other oxymoronic “wars to protect peace” . Any scapegoated good samartin cause will be fabricated to sweep through the rich lands of Africa. The current Uganda government has known ties to U.S intelligence networks and is very sympathetic to U.S interest in the region.

KONY 2012 is part of an ongoing propaganda operation that uses hollywood actors, sports figures, music and any other popular form of media and entertainment that can be used to influence public opinion and public perception. This looks quite similar to the phantom WMD’s in Iraq and fairy tales of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. If u look up the ICC (International Criminal Court) mentioned in the film you will notice EVERY so called war criminal on the ICC list is African! Absurdity! Attend to the most powerful and original kidnapers of this planet, they reside in your own backyard Mr. Savior.

This article is not at all to support or dismiss the crimes of Kony, but keep it all in perspective. Stop your beastly government officials first before going into someone elses house point blank. Its a bigger game being played dont merely be a pawn. The Invisible Children  group’s shady past has recently come to light.  Additionally the recent outlandish behavior of  its co founder Jason Russell has exposed this group as the propaganda tool it is. Russell was arrested in March after having a so called “mental break down” that led to his naked lewd acts in broad daylight in San Diego, California. His bizarre behavior reminded me of the leaked reports of  the effects and techniques of various CIA operations such as MK Ultra and other mind control techniques.

Wikileaks recently exposed an internal email from private intelligence agencies that show a link between the current Uganda president Yoweri Museveni and U.S intelligence. Museveni happens to be East Africa’s most violent  dictator. These leaked emails also show how the information from the group Invisible children was actually used by Museveni to attack his opposition and even arrest an ex-“child soldier” who appeared in the film. This diabolical film is about much more than saving children. This film is about validating imperialism and conquest in the misnomer of freedom and so called U.S democracy.

We have seen this time in time again at home and abroad. I constantly refer to this as the age of the Avatar whereby those who share your same phenotype will be the most valuable tool used by imperialistic powers to keep you subdued and oppressed. What is amazing is how politically ignorant the American people are. The  U.S president B.O vowed support for U.S backed dictator Yoweri Museveni and issued 100 U.S military special ops soldiers to the Congo and eliminate Kony and his troops. The plot thickens.

Yoweri Museveni’s  crimes have far exceeded those of Kony on his most violent day. Furthermore, Kony has not even been known to be in Uganda in the last 6 years. So why the sudden preoccupation and outcry for him now? I guess it has nothing to do with the recent massive oil reserves found in the region. To give you a clear understanding of who this Museveni character is and who his allegiance and ideology supports lets examine his own quotes:

“I happen to be one of those people who do not believe in multi-party democracy,” Museveni has written. “In fact, I am totally opposed to it as far as Africa today is concerned…. If one forms a multi-party system in Uganda, a party cannot win elections unless it finds a way of dividing the ninety-four percent of the electorate [that consists of peasants], and this is where the main problem comes up: tribalism, religion, or regionalism becomes the basis for intense partisanship.” – President Yoweri Musevini quoted by The Atlantic magazine december 1997

On the issue of U.S. reparations for slavery and colonialism, Museveni told the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t waste much time crying over spilt milk, because Africans are also to blame in a way. They were weak. They were not well-organized. African chiefs were the ones who were selling people into slavery, because of their shallowness. They were backward. They didn’t understand what was happening in the world. They didn’t understand their wider interests. . . . African weakness is what permitted the Europeans to exploit us, and [this] weakness must be solved. Now that we are back in control of our destinies, let us strengthen ourselves instead of remaining weak. Foolish people are always exploited. Let’s start afresh now. Even African Americans should build themselves . . . instead of just sitting there in the slums and saying the whites brought us here. . . . Of course, the whites should also be Christian, not take advantage.”

In an interview with William Buckley published in the Atlantic Monthly of September, 1994, Museveni said that “I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa; I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave”.

This is the type of mentality that an avatar president like B.O can openly support simply because it comes from a Black face.  This is the same type of color coded insanity that keeps African communities around the world on spin cycle and has created Obama-bots who cant see the imperialistic puppet strings at work in the staged show.

The globalist regime is blatantly gearing up to invade, occupy and exploit the lands of Africa to the next degree by using the emotion of liberation and liberalism to bring popular support to their insidious plans. The overt reemergence of “White mans burden”.

This is exactly why it is imperative to have integrity in your “activism” and understand why having good intention is not enough. In many cases if you neglect diligent research, critical thinking and fail to stand on principal versus popularity you will very likely end up supporting the disguised oppressor in his many shill NGO’s and CIA -NSA government funded “movements” and media operations.

(for further research on this topic heres a link to a report done by Black Star News:


You can also simply google Yoweri Museveni + genocide + atrocities in Uganda


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