Why does “Race” matter?


There was no such thing as a Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, West Indian or Latino prior to slavery. Understand where your definition of self has evolved from and who has defined you. Melanin is the key and our genetic bloodline will reveal this. Our uniqueness is in our diversity because we are all shades of one color, that color which is devoid of all and all inclusive.

Blackness; The depths of the soul and the universe; Dark matter.

There was no such thing as a “white” or “black” man prior the 16th century! Men-women were classified in tribes, lands, states and general descriptors like Franks, Venetians, Vandals, Moors etc. Early white colonist knew this and in their efforts to conquer the people of the southern hemisphere and consolidate the mind, heart and agenda of their own European bloodlines they created divisive racial labels. These racial categories served to divide human kind into target groups of exploitation. The creation of the race provided justification for the slaughter of millions, the stealing of massive amounts of riches from the “darker nations” as well as inventing a united purpose for the White man who continued to compete among themselves (Africans, Asians and Indians  were eventually all defeated by germs and guns) for the control of the world’s natural resources and trade routes. Research how this racial divide came about. A good start is to research what was going on in the

“intellectual circles”  at the time in England. The Bavarian Brotherhood (1776) was founded with an overt ideology of global domination. About a century later organizations like the The Fabian Society emerged during the industrial revolution and suddenly became  leaders of the labor movement.  They firmly believe in slowly progressing imperialism through subversive techniques and covert attacks. The Fabian society is named in honor of the R0man General Quintus Fabius Maximus. His Fabian strategy used attrition and harassment tactics rather than head on battles with the great Africa military genius known as Hannibal. They cloak  agendas like avatars and their wolf in sheep clothing symbol perfectly describes their ideological approach to the rest of the world. These social Darwinist are just one of the many organized think tanks which thrive off of trickery, deceit and illusion. The scramble over the “colored” world was a criminal free for all. The industrial revolution organized these criminals into cartels and blood-lined brotherhoods. This made the chess game color coded long ago, like the pieces pushed on the board. The proud imperialistic off spring of royal pirates, slaveholders and snobbish bankers began to build organizations,  foundations and spark movements on both sides of all social networks available. Socialist organizations, revolutionary groups, labor parties, civil rights groups, woman’s rights, anarchist, Republicans-Democrats  and all education foundations and Universities were funded by racist eugenicists in efforts to pacify resistance to white supremacy and stifle any revolutionary fervor brewing against their Empire’s system. Defining and separating races by color (genetic traits) is merely one eugenic tactic used by these tyrants in their war against the proletariat class.

We experience the rainbow of beautiful babies around the world in the form of “races” which were created by the African diaspora. We can still see enormous African Olmec head statues in Mexico, the Black gods being worshipped in India, the Black plaited hair of the Buddha. We see African features from paintings and carvings in the ancient Americas to even the secret chambers of the Vatican. We see the range of “color” and the dominant African bloodline (Negroid, melanin-carbon based) when we witness the creation of a child from the mixture of an Asian and an African parent. We can clearly see this color range from Cambodia to Afghanistan to Tibet. What does a baby look like when you have east Africans mix with Indians or men of the Congo mix with Europeans or Japanese mix with Sudanese?

FACT: only an African woman has all the necessary genes to create all the various ranges of colors in the form of “races” ethnicities in which we see on our planet, this is fact. Respect her as the mother of our hue-man–woman race. Understand no matter your eye color, hair texture, eye shape or symbolic religion or culture you claim..Guess what, it genetically evolved from a Black woman! Yet, the Black woman, the original woman of the Human race is degraded the world over.

The racist standards of beauty and distorted ideas of sexiness have strategically attempted to devalue the Black woman and negate her natural beauty.  Her dominant genes which manifest as “African” or” Negroid” features are paradoxically deemed as the least desirable, meanwhile these very same dominant genetic traits are feverishly sought after by those devoid of them.

When the iconic standards of beauty are distinguished by genetic material and thereby being “beautiful” is determined by complexion, bloodline and the percentage of apparent European genes,  acknowledging the existence of recessive and dominant genetic material becomes essential. The world we live is a constructed society. This global construct has been built by a culture of imperialism, white supremacy and fear.

The outward display of the European’s cultural fear of nature (including Xenophobia) is due to a fear of genetic annihilation. A contempt for nature resides in the European cultural experience simply from its historical lack of natural resources (as well as insufficient sunlight, soil, etc..) which led to poor food supplies, constant internal warfare and a penchant for invading other lands. The fear of genetic annihilation is another inherent fear realized within the European cultural experience (consciously & unconsciously)

A war has been declared on the “Black” gene long ago simply because it naturally threatens the existence of the European genetic stock. If everyone in the world made love and not war, the standard “White” European race and its iconic phenotype genetics of blond haired blue eyed men & women would easily disappear from the global population. This is a biological fact and thus obviously has psychological-behavioral implications. The great psychiatrist/activist/author Dr Francis Cress Welsing explains this concept thoroughly in her examination of White supremacy and its fixture within European culture. In her book entitled The Isis papers Dr. Welsing postulates how the fear of genetic annihilation has led to the violent imperialistic mentality inherent within the European culture. The European’s xenophobia stems from the actualization of being genetically recessive and thereby being vulnerable to “Black” genes. This is why the  Black male (Black balls -physical genetic material) is physical under constant attack and the perceptions of beauty directly oppose a natural “Black”, “African” or woman of “color” as her image is constantly under attack .

This imposed standard of beauty has also shown to have a blowback effect upon the iconic White woman herself: the deadly skin tanning, the surgical lip implants, the buttocks injections, the high cheek bone surgeries, the adoration of the hourglass figure and even the white women’s hair perm to gain more hair “texture” or “body” are expressions of White women’s envy and her own pathological response to these distorted beauty standards. Although the white supremacy culture of imperialism has attempted to impose European genetics as beauty standards for the world, its absurdity provokes inferiority complexes also within the very same White women it attempts to unjustly idolize.  White women who are indoctrinated into this White supremacy culture’s imposed standard of beauty develop different  pathological responses than her Black, Brown or Beige counterparts. She inherently knows that she does not have the genetic material to validate the imposition of her iconic standard. Deep inside her bewildered soul she realizes her “beauty” is not a natural gift but merely a subjective political tool created by a White ruling class in efforts to infuse false ideas of superiority (cloaked as “natural beauty”) upon the ruled color caste social pyramid. This does not mean all White women nor all non-White women are inherently inferior or are destined to develop pathological personalities  because they are  this color or that color, although the majority do. Similarly not all women of color feel the need to wear European -Asian hair weaves to conceal their natural hair texture or douse their scalps with acid “perms” and “relaxers” in order to feel “beautiful”, but most do.

The White women’s pathological response to the current retarded standards of beauty inversely parallels the Black women’s insatiable pathological desire to mimic her white counterpart’s melanin lacking recessive genetic traits (thinner nose, straighter hair, lighter skin etc..)…White supremacy culture even negative effects the psyche of its own White patrons as well those deemed “colored”.

The desire for Black women to fit into the Eurocentric ideas of beauty can be
seen in all types of bizarre behavior in efforts to gain social acceptance.A prime example of this pathology is seen in the multi-million dollar hair care industry of Black women who spend small fortunes every year literally burning layers of their scalp with chemical bases (like Sodium Hydroxide). The chemicals used by these women are very caustic and are even corrosive to various metals.  The colonized Black woman is the only woman on the planet that will collectively wear the hair of her opposing ethnic groups in the form of weave or wig on

such a grand scale that it generates billion dollar industries rooted in skewed beauty standards that serve to devalue her natural genetics gifts. Meanwhile the average Black woman who pays someone to burn her scalp, weaken her strong hair follicles and lace her head with corrosive acid will swear “it’s not that serious” or “ I just do it for comfort or convenience, I don’t do it to try to be white” ..

This phenomena, though more prevalent with Black women because of aggressive America social engineering techniques and the ramifications of slave culture, can be seen all over the world by colonized women of color who find themselves trying to mimic the image of the white women’s recessive gene standard. Many Asian women will get eye surgery in efforts to have more attractive European-like eyes. Many darker Asians will get hair relaxers while colorful Indian and “Latina” women who succumb to this psychological torture will get skin bleaching and any other transformations which intently will bring them closer to resembling the iconic blond haired blue eyed recessive gene white woman. So take a real good look at the features of even the Asian, Indian and all colorranges and cultures in-between. Look at the physical features despite the pigmentation and lack of melanin. Do the comparative research between ancient African, Indian and Asian empires. By researching the true origins of writing, religion, language and genetics, one will surely come to find that we are ALL shades of blackness. There is one bastardized child in question, as Napoleon’s complex provides the fuel for Europe’s blood lusting penchant for violence and exploitative plunder.

There is indeed a different perspective and a different range on the chess board depending on your bloodline, phenotype and ethnic classification. Stress levels vary, social pressures vary, and genetic dispositions vary that are genetically influenced and in some cases genetically specific. Melanin provides us with different genetic resources to harmonically experience nature. (Ex. Melanin within skin cells naturally provide protection against the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays) In some utopian fantasy world, race shouldn’t and wouldn’t be a factor. Unfortunately, in our current real-world race and thus genetic bloodlines are strategically distinguished by this self elected global government in their efforts to maintain order and designate control of their corporate cartels throughout generations. We can see white superiority is blatantly embedded in the biased standards of beauty, the omissions in history and clearly in how every “dark” country has been “colonized” and systematically exploited for resources and cheap labor. The “Third world” provides the natural resources used and exploited by the Northern hemisphere cartels which form the global Empire we face today. There is a strategic reason why there is a white-black dynamic within EVERY modern society today. No matter where you venture on this planet from Africa to Asia to South America to Europe you will witness a color caste system that is deeply embedded within the social order. Understand the chess game.

This is why “race” matters.

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