Recognizing the Avatar

This global empire injects the race game into capitalism, materialism, religion and other methods of social engineering to keep all its programmed batteries (citizens) pacified, content and steadfastly reaching for their promised piece of the American pie..In many cases loyalty is co-opted by race/color vs content of character and allegiance is predicated upon group inclusion vs group exclusion. Common struggles create trauma bonding experiences that produce a bond to those identified as our “own”. Yet “race” is merely a social construct originally created to divide, conquer and control humanity. Today it is strategically used like Trojan Horse warfare to influence trust and disguise social and political agendas throughout the world.

This is the age of the Avatar.

Sometimes the heat of the desert co-opts the dehydrated mind into seeing a mirage oasis.

In other words, the desperate hunger for freedom seems to create delusions of grandeur concerning the democratic process..

Will the revolutions of the world recognize the Empire’s avatars? Can they see past the surface color of  class,  culture and race ?

Will they see past the dangling carrots of capitalism, as well as resist its sidekick materialism?

How much will it take to calm protest and how much will it take to compromise revolution?

Figuratively speaking, perhaps a few brand new cars or sweatshop made Nike sneakers will do the trick or maybe some smart-phones or laptops will buy their loyalty and contentment. Perhaps changing some families, switching some faces in power and having some mock selections like in America, oops I mean mock elections, will be enough to quiet them down for another few decades. Maybe all the working class people will be pacified by the creation of a few more jobs and a few more rights for women.

Or maybe even the old basic necessities of life will become so scarce that they will voluntarily become even further reliant and indebted to the empire and subject to its wicked whims and values…

Food, water, shelter and absence of war anyone?

Once these basic needs are withheld, even the devil himself will be considered a “savior” if he shows up carrying water, food and a quiet place to sleep and live.

The shiny trinkets must be ignored. The religious illusions, the racial illusions and the democratic illusions must be set aside and actions must follow truth.

Listen to this warning from Wall street to Tahrir square.

The land mass known as Africa gave life to the world and thus the heart of the planet is in an uproar, so pay very close attention.

The enemy can come in any costume; any avatar can smile, hand u a vote-for-me sticker and promise you freedom and prosperity. The corporate machine can now produce any face to comfort any population. The new Roman Empire has a colorless corporate face.

Past and present actions will reveal who is behind the avatar.

The Black African, the Brown Latino, the tanned Arab, the reddish Indian, the olive skinned middle-eastern or theyellowish Asian can all be your exploiter, your oppressor, your dictator, your tyrant as well as representing the corporate empire in the subtle form of a modernized oppressive government. Any ambassador of this corrupt corporate empire can speak your language and may have the same skin tone as you do, pray to same god as you do and may know just what to say to stroke your ego.

This brings to mind something my father would say to me growing up;

“The person you are today is who you will become tomorrow”.

Past and present actions determine who you are!

Haiti (Ayiti) became free from the savage slave trading leeches of France only to be oppressed and dictated by internal factions in Haiti who were funded and controlled by Europeans for many decades.. Greed, corruption and good ol’ CIA operations helped destabilize Haiti long ago. The same trend can be witnessed in most African and South American nations.

India fought the barbaric corporate imperialism of the “crown” and its Dutch East Indian company only to succumb to the divisive oppression of a color caste system and the aristocratic rule of designated clans left in power after colonialism (neo-colonialism).

China achieved a revolution for independence from imperialistic Japan yet today they are controlled by a tyrannical government that viciously oppresses Tibet and the darker nations of Asia.

Systemic change must be a priority.

Values must change! Not just mere regime faces.

Big business is the wolf in democratic sheep’s clothing that controls the white house, congress, UN and their military henchmen.

The fascist corporate takeover of American government shouldn’t come at any surprise. The U.S constitution reads well, despite the apparent hypocrisy of its slave holding signers.

We still exchange money enfaced with slave holders and slave traders today. In god you trust?

American’s stand up to salute a blood soaked flag and sing songs of freedom, stars and banners as the world watches them supply tyrants and instigate violence the world over.

Do not expect the blood soaked Wolf to help you keep your sheep safe. As a matter of fact when that wolf comes sniffing around, acting friendly and offering handouts, realize that he is trying to find out how to destroy you. The youth of the worldwide revolution need to set down wolf traps before the empire even comes sniffing around.

Looking up to the old imperialistic “American values” must be changed. Capitalism and imperialism have corrupted humanity across the globe. Your mind-energy is being exploited. Materialism and greed must be unveiled as the vile destructive traits they are. Modern capitalism, imperialistic war culture and maritime laws are the culprits.

Where will you stand when the revolution comes to your hood?

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