Building in Poisonous Quicksand

How much change can occur from working within a corrupt system?

Who and what do you give your energy towards every day?

These are basic questions we all should ask in this global society today.

If foreigners from a Northern neighborhood were paid by some mafia styled cartel family (16th centuryEurope corporations) to come to your Southern neighborhood (Africa, India, Americas, Asia) specifically to murder, rape and enslave all your family, confiscate your valuables, designate all “Natives” of this Southern neighborhood as inferior soulless chattel and forced everyone within your neighborhood to provide free or at best cheap labor for the sole purpose of  building their Northern transcontinental corporatized criminal empire upon your Southern foundation; using your indigenous resources…

Then let’s say you knew they forced your great grandfathers by gun point to reveal the secrets of agriculture (Thanksgiving myth)colonial genocide 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand... before they were put to slaughter as the women and children of your Southern neighborhood were burned alive as examples of their religious zeal, superiority (manifest destiny) and symbolic savage contempt towards the natural world (possibly stemming from their long history of seclusion and isolation as well as famine and barren land)..If you knew these facts to be true would you willingly embrace its systems of laws, religion or culture?

Possibly, but what if you also were informed that these blood sucking pirates (15thcentury -20th century European corporate bloodlines) who came and enslaved your family, plundered your land and murdered your grandfathers also were incapable of maintaining a just and prosperous empire in their own Northern neighborhoods? What if you were taught that these Northern invader’s own treachery, immaturity and lack of natural resources were the driving forces behind their delusional sense of justified expansion (imperialism) and this is what drove them to enslave you, your family and the columbus taino 150x150 Building in poisonous of your southern neighborhood? Would you then still mimic their customs, embrace what they deem “holy” or celebrate their triumphs as “history” and “holidays”?…maybe if you were shell shocked or just plain insane..maybe.

What if you really knew these same inept “colonizers” and war mongering self proclaiming civilizers bequeathed a set of “laws” (based on maritime pirate ethic), religious interpretation, subjective standard of intellect and beauty down to their indoctrinated offspring, who later declared your enslaved & exploited Southern neighborhood a “free Christian nation? Would you really believe they had any grasp of morality, spirituality or were even remotely civilized? (Root word civil). Wouldn’t you at least accept that the insanity of this corporate takeover has thoroughly corrupted your neighborhood??! At the very least acknowledge the corruption.

What if you knew this “revolt” from the crown they exclaim to be the American Revolutionary War was instigated much like the protestant reformation revolt and was done in efforts to reconsolidate and redistribute law, land and taxe$ as they fought among each other for control of you; your labor, resources, andslaves in chains grayscale 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand...even your bloodline (consciousness). Meanwhile, what if the invaders of your neighborhood are honored as Northern forefathers from sea to shining sea, on mountain tops along with many other self-proclaimed “men of God” who pillaged and exploited various neighborhoods in the South?

Maybe you would still join the local security force which is owned, operated and financed by these Northern invaders. I guess you would go to the church they built and pray to the Northern God they brought to your Southern neighborhood. I guess you would then go to a great school (1 in which they founded and control) and get a good job working for these invaders in order to become a productive citizen, fight the good fight and “change” the system. Perhaps you don’t realize that the two sided silver coin mined from your land is flipped by them. Ask yourself:  What is the productive citizen producing in the world? Who is reaping benefits of the finished product and in contrast who is supplying the raw materials and labor necessary for production?

The products “produced” by corporate America have made the world “easier” only at the cost of destruction, toxicity, ecological disaster, genocide, extermination and extinction.

What if you understood that Europe was overrun with sickness, poverty, ignorance, famine, deceit and overall stench before it set its sights on rapaciously invading established civilizations (southern hemisphere neighborhoods) around the world?

From the Machiavelli style politics of Europe’s tribal states to the commonplace feces stench of Paris to the boastful odor from England’s shower once a year royal tradition of the Queen of England, Europe was in turmoil for most of its existence.  Meanwhile rich civilizations flourished in Africa, India, the Americas & Asia at the time when Europe was dying from plague, treachery and constant internal warfare.

Understand the decay in which Rome left the world as Great Britain emerged by way of the Vatican’s allegiance.They consolidated tribes in Europe, became rulers of the world and set to conquer civilizations of the world, notbringnative kills 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand...civilization anywhere or to anyone. These facts remain in stark contrast to the blatant lies told and the white-washing done in our education system.

As a solution to end the bickering and quarreling with one another in their own houses and neighborhoods these Northern hemisphere European invaders divided your house and all the other houses they could seize in your Southern neighborhood (colonization).

What if you knew they had your sisters raped and then beheaded and castrated or disemboweled all the men in your house when they

250px 1885 History of US flags med 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand...

invaded your Southern neighborhood and then forced your mother to clean the bloodstains left throughout the block while singing family hymns of freedom and justice?

What if they then set up laws and created holy-days founded in death, decay,

war and invasion…wouldn’t it be insanity to celebrate your own massacre and genocide? It’s insane for any civilized person to celebrate this madness but it’s
especially insane for any Black-Brown or Red person to celebrate Passover, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving or most


other absurd holidays we’re brainwashed to accept as honorable. Would looking at these foreigners as innocentexplorers, liberators or even men of God make any bit of sense once we really accepted their true actions and intentions?

So back to our imaginary neighborhoods, visualize an enforced system of serfdom and debt slavery in every house in

your Southern neighborhood where modern credit replaced antiquated shackles.  They then used social engineering to

Native American genocide INdian fighters poster 1864 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand...

define comfort where even one’s identity is defined by the ability to “produce” in efforts to become a productive citizen. Throw some race hierarchy (i.e white supremacy delirium) in there, mix it with government drug smuggling which floods the inner cities, add systemic unjust laws & the “war on drugs” media propaganda fog and we now produce a 70% non-white population reenacting serfdom and slavery: the Industrial prison complex.

For those of you who ignorantly think its “getting better” check out the stats and steady rise in rates of incarceration. This nation, in the form of the U.S corporate empire machine, imprisons its own population at higher rates than any other country in the world. The rates of incarceration in the U.S exceed even the most brutal and tyrannical regimes ever to be in existence.

Is it sane then to become a productive cog in the same criminal system that produces destruction and exploits your neighborhood’s

slave matrix baby 150x150 Building in poisonous quicksand...

resources for the benefit of these Northern hemisphere exploitative invaders and their offspring? These same invading foreigners have created sets of laws to govern your house in a manner which will continue to keep the resources of wealth and prosperity in the hands of their own from each generation down to the very next.

Wouldn’t it be a little insane to live proudly as a security guard, debt slave or even to declare yourself a “liberal” politician to serve these very same criminals who have built the wealth of their evil empire upon the blood stains of your ancestors?

I guess nowadays working within a system like this isn’t considered insane.

Do you really think you can work your 9-5, passively vote within this evil system and contribute to the wealth, power and energy of this evil system


and not take responsibility for being a part of its systemic violence, its systemic exploitation and its systematic homicidal chess game? Are you really thinking one day things will just “change” by due process of its own diabolical laws?

Insanity is socially acceptable as it becomes the norm.

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