African features vs Barbie beauty standards

A recent article posted by the infamous Satoshi Kanazawa on attempted to suggest that African (Black) women are supposedly “less attractive” because of certain biological factors. His follow up article then went even further to postulate that higher levels of beauty relate to higher levels of intelligence.  A series of polls and questionnaires were formulated and presented as substantial evidence to support both blatantly racist claims.

Before I could post my reply and comments concerning the absurdity of the article it was taken down. I guess they didn’t realize that you can’t get away with that b.s in the information age. They must have received some pressurized feedback from the so called “unattractive” mothers of the world. The second article describing the direct link between beauty and intelligence was so blatantly flawed and inappropriate that it didn’t even warrant a comment.

Below are my thoughts concerning this “study” and the overall subject:

The assumption that Black woman are generally deemed less attractive compared to other racial phenotypes solely because of their genetic makeup is very racist, ignorant and in many ways very criminal minded. The word eugenics and the name Darwin filled the air as I read both of Kanazawa’s propaganda articles. Yet these are the overt and covert messages that trickle down to our youth daily.

When we look at India, China, Japan and of course Africa we see the effects of white supremacy in the form of color caste systems, white washed histories and blatant racist propaganda. There is no surprise when you have really digested the matrix we are in and the color coded chess game being played every second. It is our responsibility not only to bring accountability to misinformation but more importantly bring clarity to all who may be misled by its trickery. Using subjective social surveys & questionnaires to determine a genetic based thesis dooms its results and taints its message.

This lack of in-depth analysis by Dr. Kanazawa leads me to believe that the direction and intent of his articles are beyond innocent ignorance. Statements like Africans having more “genetic mutations” and African women having more testosterone as being the cause of the dramatic difference between who and what races are deemed more attractive is scientifically misleading and just plain biologically inaccurate. In order for one to even seriously approach such a complex issue one must obviously take into account what factors have created our present standards of beauty and how this “standard” has shifted over time.

The reoccurring changes in the standards of beauty prove to be direct reflections of the values found in the dominant cultures of the time frame examined. To put it bluntly, those in power dictate “beauty”. Kanazawa’s half cocked articles completely ignore White supremacy and its many nuances that affect every “race” and culture in the world. This is why the iconic standards for beauty have changed just in the last 100 years and is very different from what they were 1000 years ago as well. To examine biological differences as determinants for perceived beauty without taking into account the social-psycho differences that lead to perception is an absurd mistake.

Before the domination of the world by European culture the Black African woman was revered. The beauty of the Black women comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and mixtures I can understand how she may overwhelm a minion like Dr Satoshi Kanazawa. “Heavier” women who maintain “stronger” features were once the iconic beauties of the world. To completely ignore the ramifications of colonization, imperialism and racism in regards to our modern accepted standards of beauty and why certain groups are viewed as being less attractive is quite suspicious.

Any serious attempt to examine this topic must include the shifts in power and all the social engineering done to place the White woman (the recessive gene) as the iconic standard for all others ethnic groups to aspire. The thin lips, the small nose, lighter eye color, the stringy hair and the whiter skin are features revered all over the globe from Asia to Africa to America due to social engineering and the psychological ramifications of a dominant culture (which promotes the recessive gene) that has colonized the world.

This dominant world culture is rooted in White supremacy and racism (racial hierarchy). African (Black) men have been promoted as sex objects and “studs” from the time of slavery and this sense of erotic taboo results in this gendered group being viewed differently than their female counterparts. African women actually carry all the genes to produce every race upon the planet as they are the progenitors of the human race.

It is the psyche of the observer which subjectively percieves beauty based upon the values of his/her own value system and subjective experience. An appropriate axiom for this is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. When the beholders in the world have been conditioned and indoctrinated to view “beauty” as those things opposite of African characteristics (dark, strong, robust & carrying the gene pool for all) the assumption that these indoctrinated viewpoints have scientific merit or any other universal merit is inappropriate and immature.

Our perceptions of beauty are determined by our social values not biological determinants. The African woman contains all the various potentials for mutation yet is not a mutation in itself. The Black man and woman are the carbon vs the carbon copies. Basic biology will reveal what genes are dominant and which are recessive. So biologically the African woman possesses the ideal dominant biological substance (melanin, % of estrogen-testosterone, anatomical structure, etc..) and thus the cause of her being inversely perceived and therefore inappropriately determined to be of lesser beauty (value) can only result from a skewed stance of perception that is based on subjective social standards and imposed values.

The current standard of beauty is a social construct and very far from a universal objective truth and therefore cannot in any way be properly evaluated with scientific jargon devoid of the obvious social influences which determine subjective reality.

I encourage contacting Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa concerning his racist studies:

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