National Identity

Native Americans.
Ignorance is no excuse to perpetuate a lie.
I almost lost my lunch the other day when I heard a white woman refer to herself as “Native American”. After a bit more eavesdropping I quickly realized that this self identifying White woman wasn’t calling herself “Native” because maybe her vicious great grandfather may have raped a Native girl and left some “engine” blood in her granny. I initially thought that maybe some variation of this scenario left Beth feeling she had a little “Native-in-her-blood”. No! Not at all.
She described herself as “Native American” because as she explained, “My family has been here since the 1800’s”. I thought about her claim and then recalled the history of the Nativist movement here in the U.S. when White Anglo-Saxons whose descendants came here as puritans and protestants considered themselves “Native” as opposed to the Irish and Italians who were then looked at as immigrants. Non whites were not even considered (Black, Indian, Asian were all considered “colored”)
The land we now live upon has been occupied, visited and “civilized” for many thousands of years. Now after a few generations of European colonization, slaughter, torture, exploitation and acts of genocide both the descendants of oppressors and survivors get all warm and fuzzy inside when seeing the British East Indian company flag waving in the wind. How can you now stand and salute in allegiance to the same flag and the very same anthem which promotes that represents invasion, slavery, colonization, imperialism and most of all bloodshed and homicidal violence for the last 500 plus years.
This British east Indian company flag just so happens to be a splitting image of your U.S flag and it’s no coincidence the confederate flag closely resembles the current British flag; the bloody red stripes and gunshot stars gleaming..
Perhaps some get all sappy and nostalgic when hearing the star spangled banner because maybe you don’t want to listen to your ancestor’s drum beat within or even acknowledge the last stanza of the anthem which is often omitted. The national anthem boldly whispers the original intentions of this nation.
You have been duped and packaged to accept your nice little tight American USA outfit. They slapped a good ol’ bar code on your rear end and off you go to work for the 1 % mega rich class…and you smile and take it and teach your children to be “proper” and speak with good standard Queen of England English, and work just as hard to be a good American. The house, dog and the picket fence…many will even style their hair like their colonizer and even burn their own scalps as they seep toxic chemicals into their Native hair to look more acceptable as to no look too offensive, unruly or “nappy”.
I know what your’e gonna say, “thats going too far..i dont want to White!”, “I just want to put a comb thru my hair and make it easy to style” ..Trying to style your natural hair in an unnatural way is the root of this dilemma. The same reason why its not easy for most white woman to grow locks or get her hair to stay in some tradition African hairstyle…get it?
Native Africans
There are white European settlers NOW who call themselves “African” only because of imperialism and colonization. These Afrikaans are considered “Native” and vehemently believe that they are entitled to the land of South Africa. The grandchildren and great grandchildren of Boers who came to African under a premise of “Divine right” stemming from their own religious persecution..sounds very familiar..cough cough “Israel”. The sons, grandsons and great grandsons of plunderers, slavers and exploiters now feel that they are more native to the land than the Black Africans who were expelled generations ago into border territories that are now considered “foreign”.
They now have the “white privilege” of being a recognized government! The imperialist gangsters in South Africa are very similar to their criminal European cousins in America. Two corporate nations of gangsters.
This mentality paradoxically reflects the same white supremacy and imperialism that pervades in this country wherein “African –Americans” still insanely identify with the governmental corporation called “America”. Indoctrinated souls now proudly proclaim themselves to be African-Americans and we now consider Mexicans “illegal aliens”. How absurd yet so appropriate in this upside down world!
Why isn’t every white man called Irish American, Italian-American or English American when it is really my Native blood which is truly Native to this land? We all know the answer but many are too frightened of the implications to even utter a whisper of acknowledgment.
You cannot ignore truth nor wish away reality.
I recognize that the protective poison of amnesia and short term memory loss are merely the results of trauma overwhelming its victim. Dissociative disorders and bouts of blissful ignorance both have their purpose and place but neither can provoke sustainable progress.
How many generations does it take to dissociate, desensitize or forget the rape, torture, exploitation, tyrannical thievery and savage bloodshed that the corporate sponsored European invaders have brought to North & South America, Asia, India, the “Middle-East” and of course Africa?
How many history books and government funded classrooms must be tainted with blatant lies and defiled with deceit before we reawaken our 1st eye and remember, recollect and resurrect our awareness and empower our minds with truth and justice?
We cannot expect these energies of Maat (balance, truth) to become prevalent in our current reality if we don’t demand them in our daily activities and fight for them in our current lives.
Just a few generations ago, this land was truly free and those who fought for natural freedom against corporate control & mob rule were slaughtered or sold as chattel. The indigenous Red, White and Yellow working class have fought white supremacy and European imperialism alongside the Black man and woman for many generations. Resistance remains scattered in various hues and cultures all around the globe.
Understand your enemy. Know thyself.

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