Racial Divide

We are all victims and accomplices of this matrix melting pot. The illusion of race itself was created to justify the exploitation, oppression and slaughter of the various Native people who populated the lands in which the monarchs of Europe set their imperialistic aspirations.

Yes, there have always been tribal, cultural distinctions and ethnic divides,  but racial hierarchy didn’t exist before the European’s maniacal reign on this planet. This planet and its “races” have been around for thousands upon thousands of years before there were ever anyone living in Europe and so we must be honest and acknowledge the origin and intent of racism.

White supremacy continues to be at the foundation of our global society and as our global society becomes more complex, intricate and veiled so do the techniques and purpose of this racial divide in the world at large.
Defining race and its hierarchy has allowed the global masses to accept the atrocities of the “explorers” (aka invaders aka pirates aka slave holding corporations) as just part of history and civilization’s natural immaturity. This is so very far from the truth.

The race game was not only set in place to shackle, stunt and reduce the mind of the “colored” (All non whites were referred to as “colored” upon America’s first 300 yrs) into a subhuman being, but this calculating form of forced propaganda also classified the races in order to separate the working class whites from the “colored”, thus effectively producing a crab-in-a-barrel mentality where the hatred and envy which stem from the hierarchical division of racial barriers and skin pigmentation benefited the minority White wealthy class.

The biggest fear of this 1% white wealthy class, whose still in control of our world, is that all of the exploited 99% would someday unite and topple the 1%. The ruling class has used white supremacy and its ideological and sociological implications to ensure racial divisions remain embedded in American culture.

Strategic indoctrination was imposed onto both “Black” & “White” communities by the ruling elite business families in order to instill white superiority within the social construct and the maintenance of white supremacy in government, business, education and religion at large.

The emerging free and cheap labor industries, which jump started the corporate colonies into becoming the mega rich world financial powers they are today, could have only maintained their control by traumatizing and mentally castrating the Black, Brown and Red man in America. This was indeed an example of social engineering and business strategy uniting to create a controlled society full of rage, competition, fear and inequality. The so called “free” republic has slowly morphed into a capitalistic oligarchy.

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