The Race Track

On your Mark..get SET…go! As we look over our shoulders in efforts to gauge our own placement we have lost sight of who has pitted us against each other as we splintered into races. An evil fraternal order has grasps the corporate reigns of power in America. This self proclaimed elite have strategically placed value upon the runners of this contest & constructed this illusion of separation, misdirection of time & history.

The hue-man inhabitants of this earth came from 1 people. It is a well known scientific fact that life began in African MILLIONS of years ago.

Our physical vehicles race against time & nature in this matrix we call society. Meanwhile we lose sight of our environment as the beauty of the flowers, the freshness of the air & the serenity of the waters flash before us in the blur of accelerated motion.

Sadly our race is not a progression but rather a deteriorating race. While we are distracted by the group inclusion & exclusions, emotions keep us in illusionary states of chaos. The race needs to stop.

Individual cultures should be celebrated as subgroups of one united bloodline. Black history needs to be incorporated in World history every month not designated only for an exclusive February.

All cultures & “races” should be celebrated daily. The collective world is made up of all & so we should equally observe all in our educational systems, not just the one elected monthly.

There’s no white/European history month because the mainstream prevailing European culture dominates our education system. The distinction in itself denotes separation & undermines true connective history. When we have stopped declaring the blood of all Americans as separate classes of Mexicans, Asians & Africans lost in America the race will stop. When history stops strategically omitting “A frican” influence throughout each of the worlds cultures then the Race will stop.

A Frica had a name before the greek students coined it as being “not cold”- (A-not.. frica-cold). KMT, Kemet, Chem, Abyssinian, Alkebulan, Ethiopia are all names which were once used interchangeably for the continent we now know as Africa.

The color (hue) Black encompasses all colors as well as being devoid of all color. The blackness of night holds the key to manifest all color & gives relevance to the Sun.

The strategic manipulation of creating various races was a devilish yet successful attempt to keep the splintered cultures arrogant & competitive. Suppressing true history, knowledge & aggressively undermining the originating culture bastardizes all of humanity into the illusion that we all are separate hierarchies of evolution.

The common college student is clueless about any African influence in the world beyond slavery. The lost African blood of the The Etruscans, the Mongols, Moors, Greeks, Romans, Russians, Natives, Indians, Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrianism, Hebrews, Muslims, Magi, & all initiated will find lineage in the land known as A Frica.

Kmt (Egypt) along with the balance (Maat) of African values ruled the world for thousands upon thousands of years! All other civilizations are mere infants in the time-line of creation and therefore the very omission of African legacy, the degradation of its tradition, and the constant overall sabotage of the “African” continent undermines all of humanity.

The African blood of ancient Egypt (KMT) is still blatantly distorted & omitted in classrooms today.

The pre-slavery African popes & even the various African Roman emperors are cloaked & silenced in our Eurocentric history books. I do not infer that these conquering positions of Pope or Emperor are even noble, progressive nor peaceful in their interaction with humanity. I only point out Africans in these positions of power to show further proof that this relatively new founded illusion, which we call race, was not even present in the ancient world or even the dark ages, meanwhile it has flourished & continues to do so in this self proclaimed “civilized” era of modern man.

The superiority & inferiority dynamics of race membership, color caste systems & cultural competition were systematically created to justify the slave trade and keep the origins of the HUE mankind perverted & lost.

This racist paradigm protects the ailing moral fabric of oppressive tyrants who emerge in all cultures around the globe with intentions of domination & tyranny.

The formation of race, color caste systems & class hierarchy all pathologically give justification to the devilish doctrines cast down to its subjected minions.

The distortions of history & the various omissions of Africa’s worldly contributions to the advancements of language, science, arts, etc. serve to enslave reality & manipulate origins of advancement in efforts to control the flame of humanity forever.

Discrediting, omitting, & disfiguring Africa’s influence in the world dis-empowers all cultures on Earth & severs us all from our true source and in turn cripples true consciousness & balanced progress. The fate of all race & culture upon this great nation of earth rest on the reclamation of it source, its heart. Its pulse. Its Mother Africa is the woman who can stop the race to destruction. We must save her existence & reclaim her excellence.

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