Good Cop, Bad Cop

Can you really ever be proud of your policemen, who directly serve to protect unjust corporate interests?

There are many brave and honorable individuals who have chosen to become police officers to uphold justice, but like with any fraternal organization there are no GDI’s (goddamn individuals). The nature of a tree is seen by the fruit of its branches and its intention is encoded in its seed. So tell me how you can be proud to serve before a system that is wicked and corrupt in its fruit and its seed?

At the end of the day even the most sincere good intentioned cop is still working for a poisonous homicidal fraternal organization that does more to enslave the populace than to serve & protect it. The very nature of the system is designed for the policemen to serve and protect the state and when the state is controlled by the few mega rich businessmen like we have here in modern times the conclusions are obvious. Sure they solve a few murders, deter a certain amount of crime but what really proves to drastically lower homicide rates, drug violence and overall crime is decreasing the gap between the rich and the poor and legally promoting the equal distribution of resources. Yet, this can never be allowed in a capitalistic corporate nation like the U.S. Flooding neighborhoods with corporate security guards is not the answer. The post colonial corporate heads (the modern corporate empire) control your government and therefore the blood of global genocide and corporate enslavement drips from theses very same hands who sign your friendly neighborhood police department (security guards) payroll checks.

There are indeed good natured cops who do good solving real crime, yet sadly they all have become actors in a staged play between subjected realities of right and wrong. Ancient Roman law has evolved into modern Maritime Law, in which the imperialistic bankers, merchants and land barons of old have evolved into modern imperialistic bloodlines & brotherhoods who employ the military to strategically enforce global control. They created blue lodge orders like the FBI, CIA, federal & local police to protect the interest and secrecy of the mega rich inner core as well as to control national agenda and internal law.

Our citizens on patrol (Cops) are heroically pulling cats out of trees only as damage control, much like the medical Industry via Westernized medicine is providing band-aids for illnesses but do not provide solutions nor cures. Cops are at best delusional security guards and at worst armed thugs who pledge allegiance to a corrupt corporate machine and a faction of its blood thirsty brotherhood.

The control mechanisms of religion and our current mis-education system serve to control and indoctrinate rather than to free and enable. Knowledge, nutrients and (life) experience allow for growth (healing). The body must be allowed to freely heal and cure itself and this is the same for the collection of bodies in what we call a society. Our current system of laws and law enforcers do not serve the people, but rather serve the material corporate interest in its efforts to control the people.

The longer you ignore this corrupt system and ignore its evil deeds, the longer your wounds will infectiously fester and poison the truth of your reality, consciousness and ultimately infect your soul with ignorance.

Most policemen will concede either openly or in private that the “force” is immersed and driven by cash, control and most of all power. When we know that this government machine is being ran by criminal pirates then what force do you think their policing robots are working for and who are they REALLY dedicated to serve and protect?

Many Black Nationalist groups during the revolutionary 1960 & 1970s were targeted as “domestic threats”. They were born out of the Black community’s need to face oppression and respond with action-resistance, protection and love. Organizations like The Black Panther party, P Stone Nation and UHURU (as well as many other anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist & anti war groups) promoted freedom, self empowerment, solidarity, autonomy & self defense (community security – policing). Their defiance alone made them enemies of the state. Denying allegiance to government control is actually a punishable offense in this retarded world.

The state sponsored fraternal organizations that enforce “law” like the lawyer, policeman or the military thug were supposedly created to serve the community, yet these minions are most commonly used to neutralize and destroy any opposition to corporate state rule.

Domestic “Dissident” is the term now being used to describe anyone within this country resistant to war, capitalism, imperialism, big corporation (in the form of big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big chemicals) or anything else wickedly corrupt we are being forced to accept as the American way. Pre-emptive crime control is where this machine is headed in its interpretation of the “law”, but that’s for a later article. If you take notice you will start to see more and more cases by the Feds and the CIA involving domestic terrorism. Pay attention to the tactics being used today.

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